How to troubleshoot a softub

Updated February 21, 2017

Visualise yourself coming home after a long day's work and stepping into your own hot tub for relaxation. You can set up your portable Softub indoors or outdoors depending on your preference. Made of a strong but lightweight foam covered in vinyl, roll your Softub into position, fill it with water and plug your tub into a 120-volt, 15 amp supply. Although your Softub has a five-year warranty, troubleshooting your Softub will help you maintain your warranty and keep your hot tub lasting for years.

Let the water temperature fall below 37.8 degrees Celsius if you see a flashing LED temperature display light. The flashing LED means the water temperature is set too high or the control system has a fault. Bring the motor unit to your Softub dealer if the LED continues to flash after a lower water temperature.

Clear air from the water jets by turning the jets on and off a few times if the jets appear weak. If you just filled your Softub, air can enter the jets. Ensure you have a water height of at least 2 inches above all of the jets; otherwise, the water jets can spray water out of the Softub when the water level lowers, possibly causing the motor unit to overheat.

Turn the air control on and off a few times if you cannot shut off air to the water jets. This means the air control valve did not shut off completely. Locate the air control valve on the motor unit's control panel. Rotate the air control knob counterclockwise one quarter of a turn to turn on the air control and clockwise to turn it off.


Clean the outside of your Softub using a solution of mild soap and water, then rinse with clean water. Do not use any solvents or abrasive detergents on your Softub, since these will damage the vinyl and void your warranty. If you have your Softub outdoors, keep it covered with a Softub Protective Cover, which you can get from your dealer. This cover keeps the vinyl from deteriorating, keeps rain water out and protects your Softub from ultraviolet (UV) exposure.


Do not use drugs or alcohol in your Softub or stay in your Softub too long, which increases the risk of fatal hyperthermia, a dangerous condition where your body temperature becomes several degrees higher than your normal body temperature of 530 degrees C. Get out of the tub if you have symptoms of hyperthermia, such as drowsiness, dizziness or sluggishness. Hyperthermia can also cause fetal damage in pregnant women.

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