How to Install Cambridge SoundWorks PC Speakers

Updated July 20, 2017

Installing a Cambridge SoundWorks sound system for your PC or Mac will give your computer a great sound. Thankfully, these speaker systems are well designed and can be installed quickly and easily with the right instructions. Your ears will thank you for replacing the weak-sounding stock speakers that came with your computer. Whatever you listen to on your computer, the experience will be enhanced by a SoundWorks 2.1, 4.1, or 5.1 system.

Position your individual Cambridge components. Set up the subwoofer on the floor near a wall for best bass response. Put the satellite speakers on the computer desk on either side of the monitor.

Plug your satellite speakers into the correct ports on the Cambridge subwoofer. Be sure to plug speakers located on the left of the monitor into the "L"-marked port, and ones on the right into the "R" port. Plug in the surround speakers, if any, to the "Rear Right" and "Rear Left" ports, respectively. if there is a centre channel speaker, plug it into the port on the subwoofer marked "C."

Connect the subwoofer sound cables for the input sound signal into your PC's soundcard. The green stereo cable will go into your computer's "Speaker Out" jack. Then plug in the surround cable, if applicable, into the "Surround" or "Digital" port on the computer's sound card.

Turn on your SoundWorks speakers and play a CD or an audio file. You should now hear audio coming out of the speaker system.

Things You'll Need

  • Cambridge SoundWorks speaker system
  • Computer equipped with a sound card
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