How to make willow wreaths

Willow branches can serve as a flexible and attractive material for wreath-making. Bare branches and branches sporting pussy willow growths will lend themselves to beautiful natural wreaths. A willow wreath, made from branches from a tree in your own yard or from fallen branches found on a walk through the woods, can serve as a year-round, long-lasting decoration on the front door that can be altered according to the season with the addition of a colourful bow.

Remove all leaves from the willow branches and cut them to a uniform length of 7 inches with the garden shears.

Separate the branches into bundles of five branches.

Place one willow branch bundle along the left top portion of the wire wreath frame, with the bottom of the branches pointing downward.

Wrap the bottom third of the branches with the floral wire on the wreath frame, keeping the wire on the paddle.

Place a second bundle directly below the first bundle and wire the bottom of the bundle to the frame in the same manner, covering the first bundle's wires.

Attach all bundles to the wreath frame by the same method until the entire frame is covered with willow branches. Attach a 6-inch loop of wire to the frame for hanging.

Things You'll Need

  • 100 willow branches the diameter of a pencil
  • Garden shears
  • 14-inch wire wreath frame
  • Floral wire on a paddle
  • Wire cutters
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