How to Pressure Cook Crab Legs

Written by susan davis | 13/05/2017
How to Pressure Cook Crab Legs
Pressure cooking crab legs can easily be done at home. (steaming crab legs and veggies image by jcpjr from

Crab legs are a treat many people reserve for when they go out for a special meal. However, cooking crab legs at home is simple and quick. Throwing crab legs in a pressure cooker yields one of the easiest meals you can make, and seafood lovers in your home are sure to enjoy them. Add a salad, some melted garlic butter and some pasta, and you have a meal worth staying home for.

Keep the crab legs frozen until you are ready to cook them. Do not thaw them ahead of time.

Pour 3/4 cup water into the bottom of the pressure cooker.

Place the frozen crab legs in a steamer basket.

Place the steamer basket in the pressure cooker, and put the lid on the cooker.

Remove the crab legs after about two minutes cooking at pressure of 15 psi. Add 20 per cent more time if cooking with lower psi. It is not recommended to pressure cook crab legs at amounts higher than 15 psi. The shells should be red or bright pink in colour and hot to the touch when they are finished.

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