How to make a fishing rod case from plastic pipe

Updated November 21, 2016

Fishing rods are commonly available in lengths up to 12 feet or more based on the type of fishing. Many rods break down into two pieces for easier transport, while some shorter rods are made of a one piece blank. Transporting one or two-piece rods can be done safely with the use of a rod tube that can be constructed from a plastic pipe.

Measure the length of the longest rod for which you will be making a rod case. Measure the widest point of the rod which will typically be the bottom eye on a spinning rod or the trigger of a casting rod.

Choose a length and diameter of PVC tube that will accommodate the length and width of the rod that will be stored in the tube. Cut the PVC tube to adjust the length, if necessary, with a fine-tooth saw.

Place a PVC end cap on end of the PVC tube. Slide the cap completely onto the tube so it is held securely in place.

Slide an open end PVC fitting with female threads on the opposite end of the PVC tube. Push the threaded fitting securely onto the tube.

Thread a threaded male PVC plug into the female fitting for a test fit. Unscrew the plug, insert the rod or rods into the tube and screw the plug in place to secure the rod or rods.

Things You'll Need

  • Fishing rods
  • Tape measure
  • PVC pipe
  • Fine-tooth saw
  • PVC end cap
  • PVC open end fitting with female thread
  • PVC plug with male threads
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