How to Make a Chocolate Rose Bouquet

Updated April 17, 2017

Most women love roses and most women love chocolate. Therefore, it stands to reason that if you combine the two, you will have a winning combination. A great gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and for her birthdays is to make and deliver chocolate rose bouquets. They are always popular because they are beautiful, thoughtful and so delicious. Here are the steps for making your own chocolate rose bouquet for yourself, a friend or just because.

Decide what type of roses you want to make. Wilton makes rose candy moulds with various types and sizes so the decision regarding which you choose is totally up to you. Large rosebud moulds will make more of an impact and look equally good boxed or put into a vase.

Decide the colour(s) of roses that you want to make. Your choice of colours is only limited by your imagination since food colouring pastes and liquids can be mixed and match to make virtually any colour of the rainbow. Choose a favourite colour, opt for the standard red rose, or mix it up by making bouquets of multiple colours. If you prefer, stick to solid chocolate coloured roses in milk or dark chocolate and then cover the finished candy with coloured tin foil.

Decide if you want to flavour the chocolate. I like using flavours like raspberry, mint and coffee to add just a little extra punch to some of my bouquet's roses. Flavourings are not necessary if you are going to use a high quality chocolate.

Decide what type of chocolate you want to use for the roses. Many people use the Wilton melting pieces because the chocolate is good and the pieces melt properly without any problem. They also take flavouring very well, which some chocolate mixtures do not. However, the choice is totally up to you. If the person you are making the bouquet for is a Dove fanatic, then don't be afraid to use her favourite Dove chocolate. Nestle and Hershey's also melt well, as do many of the grocery store melting chocolates.

Decide how you are going to present the rose bouquet. You can either box the roses like florists often do or you can arrange a rose bouquet. Also decide if you intend to put anything in the bouquet with the roses, like real or artificial baby's breath, silk flowers, or whatever else you might choose. These decisions you make will have an impact on the supplies that you will need to complete your rose bouquet.

If you have not already done so, make a trip to the store to purchase whatever products you need. Be sure to make a list before you head out so that you don't forget anything.

Decide what melting method you intend to use to melt the chocolate. It can be done either by using a double boiler or in the microwave. Using a double boiler will give you a smoother mixture as well as one that is easier to control for a longer period of time. Chocolate melted in the microwave has only seconds in the right consistency for moulding.

Gather your supplies together when you are ready to start making your roses. Make certain that your candy moulds are clean and ready to use. Open the various food colours and/or flavourings that you intend to use. Make sure that the lollipop sticks are easily accessible when you need them. Also make certain that you have sufficient room in your refrigerator to cool the roses before removing them from the moulds. Leave nothing to chance that might delay the amount of time that you have to move your chocolate into the moulds and prepare them for cooling. This is particularly critical when you are using a microwave melting procedure as the chocolate will begin to harden quickly once it is removed from the microwave.

Melt each different chocolate seperately, working with one at a time. Once you have completed the first chocolate, then move on to another. Start with the lightest chocolate first, finishing with the darkest chocolate.

Melt the white chocolate. Once it is smooth and of pouring consistency, you are ready to add any flavours or colourings. If you are making multiple colours like pink, red, yellow, and orchid, handle each colour individually. Handle flavourings the same way. Mix the lightest colours first. End with the darkest colours.

Once you have the flavours and colours the way you want them, then pour the chocolate into the candy moulds. Immediately put your lollipop stick into the mould slot made for it. Put the candy mould on to a baking tray and slide it into the refrigerator for cooling. Then move on to your next colours or flavours, repeating the same steps (except for colouring) until you have completed all of the roses you want for your bouquet.

Once the chocolate roses have sufficiently hardened, remove them from the candy mould and wrap them by putting them into lollipop bags, covering them with cling film, or moulding coloured foil around them. Tie or tape the coverings closed as needed.

Add ribbon or other decorations like baby's breath, flowers, or greenery to each rose. If you want, you can tape the stick and the stems of decorations together with floral tape. Set each finished rose aside until you have completed all of the roses you intend to use for your bouquet. Once you have them all done, you can begin arranging them.

Make any planned boxed rose bouquets. If you are putting them into a rose box, first line the bottom of the box with tissue paper (usually green, although any colour is acceptable). Then lay each rose into the box in an alternating length. If you are going to box them, I suggest using either six or an even dozen roses. They can be all one type of chocolate, flavour, or colour or they can be mixed and matched as you please. Add more decor like baby's breath, flowers, and/or greenery to finish off the box. Close and tape the box shut, finishing it off with a ribbon and card on top.

Make any planned vase rose bouquets. The size of the vase may determine the number of roses and decorations that you use. A bud vase will typically hold two to three chocolate roses along with other decor like baby's breath, silk flowers, and/or greenery. You may need to tape all of the flowers together before inserting them into the bud vase so that they will stand up as you want them to. If you choose to use a larger vase, use no fewer than six roses and no more than 24. As a rule, an even dozen is ideal, particularly if you are going to add other decor like baby's breath or silk flowers and/or greenery. Arrange the chocolate roses just as you would read or silk ones, with some of them taller and some pushed further into the vase. The exact arrangement should be your own creation. Use floral foam in the vase to help you hold the roses in place, just as you would do with real flowers. Again, you can use roses that are all the same colour, type of chocolate and flavour or mix and match as you choose. Be creative and build a bouquet that reflects who you are as an individual. Add a large bow to the vase, if you choose, by using florist wire around the box and then inserting it into the front of the bouquet.


Candy moulds can be used multiple times, but should be cleaned in between mouldings to prevent colour, flavour, and chocolate transfer. Don't be afraid to be creative with different colours and flavours. Put a bit of your own personality into the bouquet so that the person receiving it knows that it was made with a lot of love. When foiling roses, be sure to push the foil into each fold so that it adequately shows off the rose creation. Use either real or silk flowers and/or greenery to finish off the bouquet in order to give it a polished look. Mix different types and sizes of chocolate roses together to make a unique and fun bouquet. Mix other types of candy roses in with your chocolate roses to make a truly fun bouquet. Use curls of ribbon to help add a little extra decoration to each lollipop stem.


Don't keep the bouquets close to any sources of heat or the chocolate may remelt. Don't put water into the vases that hold your rose bouquets. Be careful not to add flavourings to which your recipient might be allergic.

Things You'll Need

  • Wilton's rose lollipop mould
  • Wilton white, milk, and/or dark melting pieces or other chocolate of your choice
  • Flavorings (optional)
  • Food colouring
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Lollipop bags or cling film
  • Colored foil
  • Ties or tape
  • Ribbon in colours to match your roses
  • Green floral tape
  • Floral wire
  • Double boiler or microwave
  • Microwaveable bowls (if you are using the microwave)
  • Wooden and metal spoons
  • Rose box or vase
  • Floral foam
  • Tissue paper
  • Decorating filler like real or artificial baby's breath, silk or real flowers or greenery
  • Counter top or table space
  • Baking tray
  • Refrigerator
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