How to Raise Morality in "Fable 3"

Written by timothy baron
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How to Raise Morality in "Fable 3"
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Although in many ways the "Fable" series is simply role-playing games, it has gained recognition for taking the genre a step further. Rather than just combating monsters and bandits, the player has the ability to purchase homes, get a spouse, gather followers and make moral decisions. Of these features, the morality system is worth close examination. Many actions a player takes will raise or lower his morality, which then affects how other characters will react to him. In addition, when he assumes his celestial form, his morality will decide whether he looks angelic or demonic.

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    Perform generic good deeds. These include giving money to beggars and eating tofu, carrots and celery. With the exception of eating celery (which increases your morality by two points), these actions will increase your morality by only a single point. Since morality is on a scale of minus-100 to 100, you'll have to repeat these actions a considerable amount to max out your morality. The fastest and most challenging way to get morality is to capture a criminal, netting you 10 points. To do so, visit Reaver's Mansion and accept his bounty quest. You can do this repeatedly to get all the way to 100.

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    Avoid evil deeds, as these will drop your morality. Threatening someone will lower your morality by a single point, while assaulting an innocent, vandalising property (such as smashing barrels and crates) and eating crunchy chicken will lower your morality by five points. Forcing a villager to work will cause you to lose 10 points, while killing one costs 15. By engaging in these activities, your morality will plummet faster than it is raised by "good deeds."

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    Choose the "good" route during story sequences. The morality system in "Fable 3" is black and white. If you make a story decision to steal, kill or otherwise harm somebody, it will drop your morality, often by more than a generic evil deed. In contrast, by helping others you'll gain morality, and you'll do so faster than by any generic action.

Tips and warnings

  • Although most of the morals expressed by "Fable 3" are standard throughout the United States -- such as do not kill, lie or steal -- one exception is vegetarianism. Eating meat will cost you morality points, while eating vegetables will earn them. Purchasing the meat or gathering it from the corpse of a defeated foe will not decrease your morality, though. If you have a large stash of chicken and you want to play the good guy, simply sell it for a small profit at the local store.

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