How to Use a Digital TV Aerial Signal Finder

Written by j. anthony cooley | 13/05/2017
How to Use a Digital TV Aerial Signal Finder
Get better reception from your aerial antenna using a digital signal finder. (antenna image by Liga Lauzuma from

Digital signal finders take all the guesswork out of setting up your aerial antenna by informing you of the aerial signal strength while you change the positioning of the antenna. The installation process does not require any tools and takes minutes to complete. The signal finder does not have to remain connected to the antenna and you can put it away after you have achieved the best antenna signal from your aerial antenna.

Fit the battery into the battery compartment located at the rear of the signal finder. Connect the directional aerial lead to the socket marked "VHF/UHF."

Position the signal finder as close to the antenna as possible. Hiding the signal finder behind the TV degrades the signal finder's ability to pinpoint the aerial signal.

Turn on the power switch, located on the top of the unit, so the red indicator light illuminates. Rotate the aerial antenna, keeping notice of what position offers the best reception. Reception is displayed by the number of LEDs that are lit on the receiver. The more LEDs lit, the better the reception.

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