Toyota Corolla Rear Wiper Relay Location

Updated April 17, 2017

Like many vehicles, the Toyota Corolla has fuses and relays that protect electronic circuits within the vehicle. Although fuses and relays work differently, both units have the same purpose -- they destroy themselves if an unexpected surge of electricity enters the circuit, preventing electricity from reaching the device. This is how fuses and relays protect the associated electronic device in your vehicle. If the rear windshield wiper stops working on your Toyota Corolla, check and see if the corresponding relay needs replacement before you attempt to replace the wiper motor, a relatively inexpensive part in comparison. Finding the relay is a straightforward task.

Park the Toyota Corolla and shut off the engine. Open the driver's side door and slide the driver's seat back as far as possible using the lever on manual adjusting seats or the electronic switch on automatic adjusting seats.

Kneel down outside of the vehicle and find the fuse box beneath the steering column, above the brake pedal.

Pull the cover of the fuse box downward to remove it.

Inspect the fuse diagram sticker, on the inside of the fuse box cover. The fuse diagram shows the location of each fuse and relay in the fuse box, with an acronym describing its purpose.

Find the "RR WIPER" relay on the fuse diagram. Locate the corresponding relay within the fuse box.


Replace the fuse box cover after you inspect the rear wiper relay.

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