How to Unlock an HTC Orange Phone

Updated March 23, 2017

Orange is a telecommunications network based in the UK that carries a variety of smartphones, including a few devices manufactured by HTC. If you own an Orange HTC phone and want to use the device with another carrier, you will have to unlock the network restriction on the phone first. Unlocking your HTC phone is legal, if you own the device; it requires an unlock code.

Dial "*#06#" from your HTC phone and wait for the IMEI number to appear on the screen. Write this number down.

Dial "439" from your Orange phone or "07973 100 439" from another phone to reach an Orange representative. Ask the representative to provide you with the unlock code for your HTC phone.

Provide the representative with the IMEI number for your phone. Wait for the representative to generate the code for your device. Write the code down.

Shut down your HTC phone and remove the battery compartment door. Remove the battery and locate the SIM card slot. Remove the SIM card and insert a SIM card from another carrier into your device.

Reinsert the battery and the compartment door. Turn on your HTC Orange phone.

Enter your HTC SIM PIN code, if you are prompted to do so. Wait for the device to prompt you to enter the "Unlock Code."

Enter the unlock code into your HTC phone in the same manner that it was given to you by the Orange representative. Wait for your HTC phone to reboot. This indicates that the device is unlocked.


You can purchase an unlock code for your device from a cell phone unlocking company, if you cannot obtain the code from Orange.


Do not enter the wrong unlock code into your HTC phone, or it may lock the device indefinitely. Unlocking your HTC phone is legal, but it may void your wireless contract with Orange.

Things You'll Need

  • SIM card from another carrier
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