How to Use Drop Nets for Shrimp

Updated April 17, 2017

Recreational fishermen often use drop nets to catch shrimp. Typically lowered into the water from a nearby perch like a dock, wall, or pier, the drop nets effectively act as a mesh bucket to scoop up shrimp that move into it. You should place some bait, such as a leftover piece of fish, in the net before lowering it.

Place a piece of fish into the bottom of the drop net. The fish does not have to be high quality or particularly fresh, but make sure that it is not rotten or rancid.

Tie a rope around the top of the net. Make sure the rope is long enough that the net can be lowered to the floor below the water from where you are standing. A simple knot should be sufficient, as the shrimp will not pull back with force like other fish.

Lower the net into the water gently, taking care not to turn it on its side, spilling out the bait. Continue lowering until the rope begins to provide slack, indicating that the net is now resting on the bottom.

Secure the rope and let the net sit on the floor for approximately 10 minutes.

Pull the net up and out of the water in one smooth, quick motion, ensuring that the maximum amount of shrimp remains in the net as it is hauled up. Pull the net up onto dry land, and remove the catch.


Drop nets are most successfully used in the fall, when shrimp begin migrating to the shoreline.

Things You'll Need

  • Drop net
  • Rope
  • Bait fish
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