How teens can model for Hollister clothing

Updated March 23, 2017

Hollister clothing brand is an interesting company to model for because it advertises laid-back California style clothing. You can become a model for Hollister if you have the look. An agent can help you find auditions and might land you an audition for a Hollister print ad. In addition, according to Hollister, the company scouts from models who work in retail at its stores. Apply for a job at Hollister to become eligible to be scouted. Follow a few tips to become a model for Hollister.

Find a talent agent. You can search the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) website to find a SAG franchised agent in your area. An agent can set you up with an audition with casting directors who put people in Hollister clothing ads.

Find auditions through the Actors Access website. Actors Access lets you search for auditions in the major cities where print and commercials are made. You do not need an agent to book an audition through Actors Access.

Look for background work for a Hollister ad. You might find background work in a Hollister ad even if you don't have an agent. Background work means that you might not be featured in the ad, although you may appear in a crowd with other models.

Contact Hollister Company through the company's website. You can e-mail Hollister and ask if you can send in a modelling comp card and headshot that shows your measurements. In addition, you should show Hollister that you are with an agency who can send you on an audition.

Apply for a job working retail at a Hollister store. According to the Hollister company, the models in marketing are scouted from the stores. You can become eligible to be in an ad by being hired, and you should show up to work looking your best to increase your chances of being scouted.


You must be 17 years of age or older to apply for a job working in a Hollister store.


Do not pay money for auditions for Hollister. You do not want to be scammed out of money, and you should never have to pay to have casting directors audition you.

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