How to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs in a Steamer

Written by dan taylor | 13/05/2017
How to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs in a Steamer
Hard-boiled eggs are great for breakfast or for making devilled eggs. (gekochte eier image by Silvia Bogdanski from

Steamers don't use oil to cook foods, so they are a healthy alternative to many other methods of cooking. They also don't heat up the kitchen as much as a stove. Eggs are among the many things you can cook in a steamer, and you can get perfect hard-boiled eggs by following a few simple steps.

Place between one and 12 eggs in the steamer basket.

Add one cup of water to the steamer's reservoir. Cover the steamer.

Steam for between 19 and 22 minutes.

Put the steamed eggs into a bowl of ice cubes and water for a few minutes to loosen the shell and make for easy removal.

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