How to Install an LED Light in a Guitar Effects Pedal

Updated February 21, 2017

Guitar effect pedals come with an LED light to show you when the pedal is turned on. Although LED lights last a long time, eventually they will burn out. LED lights are soldered onto the PCB board inside the effects pedal casing. When the light burns out you must install a new LED light onto the PCB board or you will not know when the pedal is on or off. This may not be a huge problem if you are playing at home, but it could cause issues if you are playing on stage.

Remove the battery cover and disconnect the 9-volt battery. Most guitar effect pedals use a 9-volt battery source.

Remove the back cover from the guitar effect pedal using a Phillip's screwdriver. Usually, four screws hold the cover onto the pedal's casing.

Remove the Phillip's screws that secure the PCB board (green board) to the casing and then remove the PCB board from the casing. In some cases, you will locate two PCB boards stacked on top of each other. If this is the case, remove the first board, unplug any connectors from the board and place it off to the side. Then, remove the screws that secure the second board located under the first board and then remove it from the casing. The LED bulb solders to the PCB board.

Place an alligator clip onto the LED light bulb.

Locate the two solder joints on the back of the PCB board for the original LED light. Heat the solder joints with a soldering iron and pull the light out of the PCB board.

Place the metal wires extending from the LED light through the two holes in the COB board. Place the tip of the soldering iron against one of the metal wires where it comes out of the back of the PCB board and place a small amount of solder on the base board around the wire. Repeat this with the second wire.

Trip the wire leads with a pair of wire cutters just above the mound of solder.

Place the PCB board back into the casing. Flip the casing over and inspect the LED light to ensure it rests inside the hole cut out for it and then secure the PCB board to the casing with your Phillip's screws and screwdriver. If you had a second PCB board, plug it in and secure it to the casing.

Place the back cover onto the casing and secure it with your Phillip's screws and screwdriver.

Place the battery back into the battery compartment and plug it in.


You can purchase LED light diodes from most computer supply stores or electronic supply stores. You can also purchase a factory replacement LED light from most pedal manufacturers by contacting them.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillip's screwdriver
  • Alligator clip
  • Soldering iron
  • LED replacement bulb
  • Solder
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