How to Make Yellow Acrylic Paint Opaque

Updated July 20, 2017

Acrylic paints offer versatility that is not available from other types of paint. Manipulating the paint creates an opaque or transparent colour, while still getting the quick-drying advantage of acrylics. Use deep, opaque colour to show off the yellow hues in your project.

Remove a silver-dollar-sized amount of yellow paint from the tube or container with your brush and place it on a palette. Add a few drops of water to the paint if it is very dry.

Add a quarter-sized amount of opaque acrylic medium to your palette, near the yellow paint. The opaque medium adds body and thickness to the yellow paint.

Mix one brush-full of yellow paint together with a dab of opaque acrylic medium.

Test the mixture on the canvas by painting with different strokes. Test different levels of opacity by using more or less opaque medium with the yellow acrylic paint.

Decide on the right paint/medium ratio. Mix a larger amount of paint using this ratio to opaquely cover the necessary amount of canvas.


Buy high-quality yellow acrylic paint. In high-quality yellow acrylic paint, the pigment is very concentrated, the consistency of the paint is thick and the paints are not over-diluted with water. Do not tarry with the mixing process. Acrylic paint dries quickly. Mix the opaque medium and the yellow paint together fast and thoroughly before the paint begins to dry. Test different opaque media. Some dry to a high glossy finish, others have a regular acrylic finish. Try different shades of yellow. They may interact differently with the opaque medium additive.

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