How to Make a Touch Screen Jukebox

Having a jukebox in your home is a sign of a real music lover. However, dealing with physical CDs or records can be a hassle if you're used to digital music. Luckily, you can capture the fun of having a jukebox at home and preserve today's technology with a touch-screen jukebox. With just a few parts and a little time, you can build it yourself, and soon you'll be enjoying your favourite MP3 tunes with the touch of a finger.

Locate the shelf in the podium and place the compact computer in the centre of the shelf. Ensure the air vents of the computer are not obstructed and have good air flow. If needed, cut small holes into the shelf to allow air to move freely under the computer.

Screw into place L brackets on either side of the podium. Mount the computer speakers to the L brackets, facing where you want the sound directed. Place the speakers' subwoofer on the bottom shelf of the podium. Plug the two speakers into the subwoofer and the subwoofer into the computer's audio port.

Sit the touch screen on the top of the podium. The top of the podium is at an angle, so hold the screen in place. Trace a light outline around the screen to mark out the placement you want. Remove and place the touch screen aside.

Sit the wall mount so it's placed in the centre of the outline you made. Screw into place tightly. Drill out a hole the size of the monitor's plugs in the centre of the podium top and wall mount. Attach the touch screen to the wall mount. Plug in one end of the cables and drop the other end into the hole. Plug them into the computer.

Plug in a mouse and keyboard temporally into the computer. Start the computer up and insert the touch screen installation CD into the computer. Follow the on-screen menus and instructions to install all of the drivers and software for the touch screen.

Download and install iTunes onto the computer. Import all your music CDs and MP3s into iTunes. This could take time depending on how much music you have. Restart the computer and unplug the keyboard and mouse.

Use the touch screen to control the computer. Start iTunes. Test your music collection and speakers. Adjust the volume to a comfortable level. Move the podium to the location you want to have your touch-screen jukebox.

Things You'll Need

  • Podium with built in shelf
  • L brackets
  • Touchscreen LCD monitor
  • LCD wall mount
  • Compact computer
  • iTunes
  • 2.1 computer speakers
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