How to make a homemade flat screen TV screen protector

Updated February 21, 2017

Your flat-screen TV likely cost a lot of money so it makes sense to protect it. The screen is especially at risk in a home with small children. You can make an inexpensive shield that will protect the screen from stains and smudges that can't be wiped off. If you want something stronger, you can also build a shield that will protect the TV from thrown objects

Take a roll of clear, cling film and tape it to one side of the TV set. Use a form of masking tape or similar tape that won't leave residue and make sure you don't tape over vents or connectors.

Unroll and extend the cling film across the length of the screen to the other side, then cut the wrap off the roll using either scissors or the jagged cutter on its container.

Stretch the wrap tightly across the screen to prevent creases or folds from interfering with the view of the screen. Tape the other end of the wrap to the other side of the frame.

Repeat this process as needed to cover the rest of the screen. You can cover up to a 19-inch screen with a single-sheet width; larger screens will require at least a second sheet for the bottom half.

Remove the tape and clear wrap any time dust, dirt or other contaminants build up on the protector. Repeat the process to create a new protector.

Measure certain dimensions of your TV set, including the actual length and height of the screen, the height from the top of the screen to the top of the frame and the depth of the set.

Purchase a sheet of 1/4-inch-thick, clear plexiglass that is at least the same dimensions as the TV screen. Make sure you can see through this plexiglass clearly.

Cut two sets of strips of "hook-and-loop" (like Velcro) straps. To ensure they will fit, cut each hook-and-loop strip to at least half the length it would take to wrap around the top and bottom edges and three-quarters of the way along the back of the TV.

Connect the strips to the plexiglass, gluing the hook strips to the top edge and the loop strips to the bottom, or vice versa. If the strips have their own adhesive, peel off the protective backing to expose just enough to stick on the glass.

Place the protector on the TV set once the epoxy is completely dry and you are sure the brackets are securely fastened to the glass. Rest the brackets on top of the frame.

Things You'll Need

  • Clear cling film
  • Adhesive tape
  • Plexiglass sheet
  • Hook-and-loop strips
  • Glue
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