How to make a beaded cellini spiral necklace

Updated February 21, 2017

The Cellini spiral beading technique uses seed beads in three different colours and sizes. The finished Cellini spiral strand resembles a multicoloured rope made up of an intricate wave pattern. The beading stitch is similar to a tubular peyote stitch, but the variance of the seed bead sizes creates the spiral effect. Making a beaded Cellini spiral necklace may seem complicated to a beginning bead artist, but the stitch is repetitive and the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

Cut a 2-foot length of beading thread and run it through a tub of beading wax. Thread a size-10 beading needle with the waxed thread; pull 10 inches of thread through the eye.

Slide a size-12 seed bead over the needle and tie it 2 inches away from the end of the longest thread. The longest thread is the working thread, the 10-inch section is the tail thread. As you bead the Cellini spiral necklace, the tail thread becomes the working thread. When you run out of thread, tie another length of waxed beading thread to the working thread using a double overhand or a square knot.

Slide five size-12 beads, four size-11 beads, two size-8 beads and four more size-11 beads over the beading needle and thread to the anchor bead. Insert the beading needle through the first two size-12 beads. Pull the thread taut to make a circle.

Pick up a size-12 bead with the beading needle. Slide the bead to rest against the other beads. Skip the size-12 bead adjacent to the new size-12 bead and pass the needle through the second size-12 bead from the newly added size-12 bead. Pull the thread taut. Repeat this step. This stitch is known as a peyote stitch.

Work another peyote stitch to continue the Cellini spiral by picking up a size-12 bead, and then skip the next bead on the circle--a size-11 bead--and insert the needle through the second size-11 bead that is on the circle. Pull the thread taut.

Add a size 11-bead and work another peyote stitch. The beading needle should exit the fourth size-11 bead on the circle. Pick up another size-11 bead and work a peyote stitch. The needle should now exit the second size-8 bead on the circle. Pull the thread taut.

Pick up a size-8 bead, skip the next size-11 bead and then insert the needle through the second size-11 bead from the second size-8 bead. Pull the thread taut.

Add a size-11 bead, skip the next size-11 bead on the circle and run the needle through the last size-11 bead on the circle. This is the last peyote stitch on the second row.

Step up to the next row in your Cellini spiral necklace by adding a size-11 bead, and then skipping the first size-12 bead in the first row. Pass the needle through the next size-12 bead on the first row and through the first size-12 bead on the second row.

Work peyote stitches to create the second row. Repeat the pattern to add three size-12 beads, then two size-11 beads, then one size-8 bead, and then two size-11 beads before stepping up to the next row. Create as many rows as needed to equal the desired length of your necklace.

Glue an end cap over each end of the necklace using clear, liquid jeweller's glue. Open two jump rings and slip one through each circle on the end cap. Thread one end of the clasp to each jump ring. Close the jump rings.

Things You'll Need

  • Beading thread
  • Scissors
  • Beading wax
  • Size 10 beading needle
  • Size 12 seed beads, one colour
  • Size 11 seed beads, one colour
  • Size 8 seed beads, one colour
  • Two end caps
  • Jeweller's glue
  • Split jump rings
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Clasp
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