How to Refill a Zippo Lighter With Gas Lighter Fluid

Updated July 20, 2017

Zippo BLU lighters, unlike most other Zippo products, use butane gas as fuel. The lighter features sturdy metal construction, flint wheel ignition and a fuel indicator level. When the lighter runs low, you'll need to refill it with Zippo-branded, or otherwise premium-grade butane fuel. Unlike windproof varieties, you should not attempt to remove the lighter insert from the case to refuel the Zippo BLU.

Invert the lighter and locate the fill valve on the base of the unit.

Insert the nozzle of the inverted butane can into the fill valve and depress it two to three times with firm, even pressure.

Check the fuel gauge on the side of the lighter and make sure that there is more than 1/8-inch of fuel measured.

Let the lighter sit for two minutes before you attempt to light it.


The best way to view the fuel gauge window is upside down, when you are fuelling the lighter.


Not using premium grade butane fuel may result in poor performance and void the guarantee if complications develop. Do not tamper with the screw next to the fill valve, as this will void the guarantee.

Things You'll Need

  • Premium-grade butane gas lighter fuel
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