How Do I Identify a Discontinued Fabric?

Updated February 21, 2017

Identifying a discontinued fabric can be like trying to find a needle in haystack. You may want to make an additional pillow to match those on your couch or sew a replacement curtain to match another window. However, if you do not know who manufactured the material, it's hard to know where to locate it. If you have a piece of fabric you're desperate to identify, there are several methods to assist in locating the manufacturer.

Return to the shop where you purchased the fabric. If you recall where you bought it, the salesclerks may remember the fabric and be able to assist you in identifying it. If not, try other fabric shops in the area. It's just possible it will strike a chord with someone who knows the name and manufacturer.

Use an online fabric search engine. Search engines are available to search for both discontinued fabrics and those still being produced.,, and are examples of websites where you may locate and identify your discontinued fabric.

Post a closeup photo of the material on several sewing and craft message boards, and ask if anyone is able to identify it. You may find someone who is more familiar with the fabric than you are and who can point you in the right direction.

Check a variety of fabric manufacturers for a similar fabric. Oftentimes the manufacturer creates several similar fabrics, so finding one similar to your fabric may lead you to the maker.

Check online auctions to locate the fabric. Many people buy discontinued fabrics for a low price and resell them at auction. While you may have to look through many listing, you may just hit pay dirt and locate your exact material. Once you locate it, you'll likely find the name and manufacturer on the auction listing.

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