How to Sight in Snooker

Updated February 21, 2017

Snooker is a table game in which players try to use their cue to drive the cue ball into one of the scoring balls, then have one of the scoring balls fall into the pockets on the table. The coloured balls have different values, but all require careful aim to sink. For the best results, a player must learn how to properly sight down their pool cue, which requires more than simply looking down the length of the shaft.

Stand back several feet from the table and position yourself along a line from the target ball back through the cue ball.

Walk to the table along the target line.

Place your right foot on the target line.

Place your left foot down so your hips form a 45-degree angle with the target line and your foot is parallel with the target line.

Push your right hip out toward the line extending out from your left foot so your hips are nearly parallel with the target.

Lower the cue onto the table, so it rests on the target line.

Look down the top of the cue at the ball and take your shot.

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