How to Hook Up Wireless Earphones to a Philips Flat Screen TV

Updated April 07, 2017

No ambient noise. No wires. Just you, your flat-screen television and peace. Hooking up wireless headphones to your Philips TV is a simple process that allows you to enjoy your favourite show, sporting event or movie in solitude. If you have family or roommates trying to concentrate on something other than the television, wireless headphones will save you from hearing, "Turn it down." Wireless headphone technology allows you to clearly concentrate on your Philips flat-screen television.

Locate the digital audio output or RCA (red and white) connectors on the back of your Philips flat-screen television. These are located on the back panel of the television. All newer Philips flat-screens have the digital audio output connector, but older models will just have the RCA connectors.

Connect your wireless headphone's transmitter to the digital audio output or RCA connector. More advanced headphones are digital and will use the digital audio output connector for premium sound. Many wireless headphones use the standard RCA jacks for connection. If you have wireless headphones that only came with a headphone jack --- most commonly found on those made for stereo-only use --- you will have to purchase a converter cable.

Locate the transmitter so that it has good line-of-sight with where you will most likely use your headphones (e.g., the couch). Transmitters use infrared technology like remotes but often in a broader spectrum.

Plug in the transmitter and charge the headphones. Many of today's wireless headphones can be charged by connecting them with the transmitter. Some headphones are battery-operated.

Turn on your TV and navigate to the Sound Menu. Adjust the sound features while wearing the headphones to tune in the best quality possible.


Linking wireless headphones to your television is all about connectivity. Ensure your television and wireless headphones are compatible, meaning they use the same connectors. Before buying wireless headphone, research the transmission distance to ensure you get quality reception in your home-theatre system.

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