How to Adjust the Steering Wheel in PS2

Updated July 20, 2017

PlayStation 2 (PS2) consoles, manufactured by Sony Corp., can use external steering wheels to control racing games. Steering wheel options can be configured from within a racing game's "Options" menu. You can configure your PS2 steering wheel's force feedback ("rumble"), power steering assist and gas/brake pedal options from within a PS2 racing game.

Connect the PS2 steering wheel to the PS2 console. Turn the console on and open the disc tray. Insert a PS2 racing game and close the tray.

Wait for the console to load the racing game, then select the "Options" menu. Select "Steering Settings" and adjust the force feedback, power steering and gas/brake pedals according to your needs, then select "Save Changes."

Exit the "Options" menu and start a new race. Test your steering wheel to make sure that the new settings are working correctly. Adjust the settings within the "Options" menu as needed.


The force feedback ("rumble") settings on your PS2 steering wheel may or may not be available if your PS2 steering wheel and/or racing game does not support force feedback. You can return the PS2 steering wheel to factory default settings by selecting "Restore Defaults" in the "Options" menu.

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