How to Make Santa From Bath Towels

Updated February 21, 2017

Once you've finished decking the halls for Christmas, decorate the bathroom off the hall, too. Often the bathroom has no Christmas cheer while the rest of the home is covered in glitter, twinkling lights and seasonal decorations. You can continue your home's Christmas theme in your bathrooms even if you don't have any extra space in the holiday budget for new decorations. Use white bath towels to make no-cost, standing Santa figures for your bathrooms.

Place the bath towel on a flat work surface. Roll the shorter sides in tightly toward each other. If your rolls start to get uneven, roll back your work and start over; the rolls should be perfectly straight. If your towel was 2 feet wide and 5 feet long, it should now be about half a foot long and still 2 feet wide.

Fold the two side-by-side rolls halfway through their length, and fold the rolls towards each other so the flatter, unrolled side shows. The rolled, folded towel would now be about a foot tall, if you are working with a towel that was originally 5 feet by 2 feet.

Place the folded, rolled towel in front of you with the folded part facing upward. Flare out the back two rolls so they point out from behind the front and look like arms. Tie the rolled towel tightly around the top third of the towel with a decorative, Christmas-coloured ribbon or a ribbon that matches the towel. The towel should be able to stand up on the bottom of the front two rolls, and the ribbon tie should have clearly defined the towel's "head" area.

Fold a square, white washcloth in half twice. The resulting folded cloth should be smaller but still square. Place the washcloth over Santa's face, diagonally, with an openable corner at the top. Pin the bottom half of the diagonal square to the head, and then let the top corner of the washcloth droop down, covering the pins and creating a "beard."

Secure the corner of the remaining diagonal folded cloth at the top with a pin and cover the head and the pin with a small Santa hat. Place the spectacles on Santa's face to complete the project.


You can use a red washcloth for the Santa hat if you don't have a Santa hat on hand. Drape it over the top of your Santa's head, and then wrap it around the back. Play with it and pin it down until it looks like a Santa hat.

Things You'll Need

  • White, clean bath towel
  • Ribbon
  • White, clean washcloth
  • Straight pins
  • Small Santa hat
  • Baby-doll size glasses
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