How to Hide the Proxy for Camfrog

Updated February 21, 2017

Camfrog is a website that features over 6,000 audio and video chat rooms. With Camfrog you are also able to make free live audio and video calls worldwide. Because this website is often considered distracting at workplaces and educational institutions, network administrators usually block access to it. However, with a proxy you can bypass the Camfrog restrictions on your network. A proxy also hides your IP adress so that both your network admin and users you interact with on the Camfrog chat rooms are unable to trace your personal information.

Visit the Check Off Proxy site and use it to access Camfrog with your IP address hidden. Check Off Proxy is a free service that enables you to access any website with anonymity including Camfrog. With Check Off Proxy you are also able to access Camfrog on a network that has established blocks on it.

Type Camfrog's URL in the text field located on the bottom-left side of the Check Off Proxy page. The text field has the "http://www." prefix displayed in it.

Click on the "Check Off Proxy" tab locate beside the text field and Check Off Proxy will fetch Cmafrog's site while keeping your hidden and secure behind its server.

Navigate to the Proxy Tunnel site and visit Camfrog with your IP hidden by using its service. Proxy Tunnel is a free proxy that will fetch any website you want to visit through its server while keeping your anonymous and secure. With Proxy Tunnel you are also capable of bypassing browsing restrictions that are keeping your from accessing Camfrog and other website.

Enter the URL for Camfrog in the text box placed on the bottom-left region of the Proxy Tunnel page.

Click the "Unblock" button next to the text box and Proxy Tunnel will redirect you to Camfrog while keeping your IP and personal information hidden behind its proxy service.

Go to the Fast Free Proxy and connect to the Camfrog site with your IP hidden behind the Fast Free proxy server. This free-to-use proxy is used to visit any web destination anonymously and secure and to circumvent Internet blocks hindering your Internet surfing freedom.

Click on the inconspicuous link that says "begin surf," displaye on the bottom-left side of the Fast Free Proxy page. Type the Web address for Camfrog in the text bar that will be displayed after you click on the link.

Click on the "Go" tab beside the text bar and Fast Free proxy will send you to Camfrog with full anonymity and security. Log into your account as usual and begin chatting with your IP hidden behind the proxy.


There are many proxy services that can hide you when visiting Camfrog. Sites like Top Bits can help you find more proxy options. (See Resources.)

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