How to Load the Scotch 3M Packaging Tape Dispenser

Written by michael black | 13/05/2017
How to Load the Scotch 3M Packaging Tape Dispenser
Packaging tape dispensers make sealing boxes a breeze. (Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Packaging tape dispensers make the process of sealing packages simpler and quicker than ever. The Scotch brand, famous for its Sellotape, offers several different styles of tape dispensers, including an entire line of packaging tape dispensers. Scotch 3M packaging tape dispensers come in several different shapes and sizes, but the basic function and tape-loading mechanism is the same for all these different models.

Remove the old roll of tape by sliding it off the circular (or semicircular, depending on the model) holder piece. This may require some force.

Peel up a small section of the new roll of tape. Take note of which side is sticky to help you load the tape correctly.

Push the new roll of tape onto the holder piece, loading it so the sticky end of the tape thread through the dispenser in the right direction. This step may also require some force.

Thread the tape through the dispenser end of the 3M packing tape dispenser. Run the tape over the top of the roller and then through the dispenser end. The cutter edge should be against the nonsticky side of the tape.

Test the 3M dispenser to make sure you have loaded it properly.

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