How to Remove the Pioneer DEH

Pioneer DEH stereos are a line of in-dash car audio receivers. The stereos are intended to be installed in the dashboard of your vehicle, in the compartment occupied by the factory radio. Pioneer DEH stereos require a plastic dashboard adaptor kit, made specifically for the make and model of vehicle in which the stereo is installed. The stereo is secured to the dash kit using plastic clips, and it can be removed using special stereo extraction keys that are included with each DEH receiver.

Remove the plastic frame surrounding the stereo by inserting the release pin (included with the stereo) into the hole on the bottom-left side of the frame. Once the pin is inserted, pull out on the frame to remove it.

Insert the extraction keys into the gap between the dash kit and the stereo on each side of the stereo.

Push the clips inward, toward the stereo, and then pull the unit out of the dash kit.

Unplug the power cable, wire harness and any other cables connected to the rear of the stereo, such as subwoofer cables or an auxiliary input cable, to complete the removal.

Things You'll Need

  • Extraction keys
  • Release pin
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