Assembly Instructions for the Bindings on a Salomon Relay Pro

Updated March 28, 2017

The Relay Pro snowboard binding is made by Salomon. The company markets the Relay Pro as an all-mountain snowboard binding. The Relay Pro is available for men and women. Dual ratchet straps, EVA smart soles and four flex points give the bindings adjustability when riding. Before the bindings are mounted to the snowboard they must be assembled. Use the Salomon binding tool, typically included with the bindings, or Allen wrenches to assemble the bindings before you have them mounted.

Set the foot plates on a work bench. Match the right and left side binding backs to the right and left foot plates.

Slide the binding backs into the foot plates by pushing the black side walls into the housing slots. Align the binding screw holes between the foot plate and the backs. Push the screws into the holes and tighten by turning them clockwise with the Allen wrench or the enclosed Salomon binding tool.

Grab the heel ratchet strap and push the button on the male end -- the narrow end -- into the housing hole on the right hand side of each binding. Marry the ratchet strap ends together for storage. Marry the toe straps together for storage or until the bindings are mounted.

Things You'll Need

  • Salomon binding tool or Allen wrench
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