How to Repair a Motorcycle's Speedometer Needle

Updated March 23, 2017

Many motorcycles have a cable that connects to the speedometer to the front wheel. The speedometer needle then moves according the speed of the motorcycle. Other motorcycles have an electronic speedometer. The needle is very fragile, so when removing it, be careful if you intend to reuse it. If you are replacing with a new needle, be careful in fitting it back on to the shaft. The needle should not touch or bump into any other part of the assembly.

Purchase a speedometer needle from a motorcycle dealership or online.

Remove the gauges from the motorcycle. Once removed, place on a flat surface and turn so the bottom side is facing you.

Take a utility knife or other flat tool and begin to lift the ring that connects the upper and lower faceplate. Continue to twist and move the ring upward, working around the gauge. Do not force the split; just continue working around the edges until you can separate the two plates.

Remove the reset knob for the odometer, which then gives you access to the speedometer assembly. Depending on the type of motorcycle you have, this part may slip off or be connected with a small screw.

Take needle-nose pliers, tweezers or a fork and gently lift the needle off the shaft. It is important during this step that you remove the needle straight up or the calibration will be off when you go to replace with the new needle.

Clean the interior of the gauges as needed and apply lube to the cable assembly before putting the needle back on the shaft, pressing to make sure it fits securely.

Put the bands back together and use a towel and pliers to crimp together. The towel protects the edge from scratches. Work your way around slowly, making sure you have the gauge sealed.

Things You'll Need

  • Utility knife
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