Hotpoint Cooker Instructions

Updated November 21, 2016

The Hotpoint cooker is an electric range primarily manufactured in the United Kingdom that features a cooktop, upper oven with a grill pan and shelf and a lower oven for baking and cooking. The Hotpoint cooker is designed to fit in-between cabinets in a kitchen setting and is available for purchase through authorised dealers, stores and online. While only adults familiar with operating large kitchen appliances that use heat should use the cooker, operating the unit is relatively simple to do.

Press the "Time/Mode" button to set the time on the display. The "Set Time" symbol will flash. Turn the "+/-" knob until the desired hour appears. Press the "Time/Mode" button to confirm and then turn the "+/-" knob again until the desired minutes appear. Press "Time/Mode" to confirm.

Push in and turn the control knobs to provide heat to each individual burner. The knobs have numbers between 1 and 6, with 1 being the lowest setting and 6 being the hottest setting. Choose the setting that corresponds with the desired cooking temperature. Turn the knob to "0" when cooking is complete.

Push in and turn both the right front and left rear control knobs to create a dual circuit cooktop surface for larger pans or objects on the cooktop. The dual heat is controlled by numbers 1 through 4, with 1 being the lowest setting and 4 being the hottest setting. Turn the knobs to "0" when cooking is complete.

Turn the "Top Oven" control knob to set the desired cooking temperature for the top oven. The top oven can be set for temperatures between 100 and 220 degrees Celsius.

Turn the "Grill" knob to the desired heat setting to use the top oven for grilling.

Set food items on the grill pan and leave the top oven door slightly open when grilling in the oven.

Turn the control knob to "Off" when cooking is complete.

Turn the "Main Oven" knob to select the desired cooking function in the lower oven. Options include "Roast Meat", "Bread" and "Cake." The oven will automatically turn to the suggested temperature for the selected function.

Use the "+/-" knob to adjust the temperature to a higher or lower temperature than the automatic preset temperature.

Turn the control knob to "Off" when cooking is complete.


Always use oven pads to remove objects and food from the oven or cooktop during and after cooking. The surface, pans and food will be hot.

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