Hedstrom Gemini Swing Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Swing sets are a classic outdoor toy for children which allow them to have fun while outside in the fresh air and develop their cardiovascular health as they use their muscles to generate swinging momentum. The Hedstrom Gemini Gym features a pair of swings for children supported by a sturdy metal frame. Unlike complex wood jungle gyms, the Gemini Gym does not require any experience with crafting to assemble, and you can put it together using only the provided bolts and wrenches.

Assemble the top bar by inserting the small end of one top bar piece into the open end of the second piece and securing with a bolt and washer.

Attach the top leg pieces, the pieces that look like a bent Y, to the top bar with bolts.

Hook the end of each swing chain over a U-bolt.

Attach the four ends of chain to the top bar using the U-bolts.

Attach leg pieces to each of the openings in the top leg pieces with bolts.

Secure a support piece between each pair of legs using bolts.

Connect a support peg to the bottom of each leg so the pegs are extending down from the legs at an angle, pointing in the opposite direction as the leg it is attached to.

Drive the support pegs into the ground with a mallet.


Placing the legs atop fresh concrete and driving the support pegs into it will make the swing assembly more stable.

Things You'll Need

  • Mallet
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