How to Reinstall a Packard Bell From a Hidden Partition

Updated June 19, 2018

Packard Bell computers come with a hidden partition that contains the files needed to restore your computer. If you need to recover your system, you can access the recovery program from inside Windows or from your computer's boot menu. During the recovery process, you can choose to back up your personal files and reinstall Windows to its original condition.

Disconnect any devices that you added to the computer after you purchased it. Click "Start" and "All Programs." Select "Packard Bell - Security & Support" and "Packard Bell Recovery." Click "Packard Bell Recovery" on the window that appears. If you cannot boot into Windows at all, turn on your computer and press "F11" to begin the recovery process. (See Reference 1, page 52)

Click "Next" on the Recovery Program's window and follow the instructions that appear. Choose the recovery options that you wish to use and select if you want to back up your personal files from your Windows user account. Click "Next." (See Reference 1, page 53)

Click "Start" when the program prompts you to start the recovery. Click "Restart" or "Shutdown" when the process completes. Follow the instructions to set up Windows when your computer restarts. (See Reference 1, page 54)


You can navigate to "C:\backup" to access your personal files from the backup process.

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