How to take apart a Dyson Cyclone

Updated February 21, 2017

Dyson is a British manufacturer of domestic appliances based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. The company was founded by James Dyson, an entrepreneur and inventor, in 1992. The Dyson company is famous for its bagless "cyclone" vacuum cleaner design, which uses a process called cyclonic separation to trap dust and dirt. You may need to take apart your Dyson Cyclone for cleaning or to clear a blockage in the pipes.

Switch off the Dyson Cyclone and unplug it from the outlet. Stand the vacuum upright with the base on the ground.

Hold onto the handle at the top of the cyclone container. Press and hold the release button with your thumb and pull the container off.

Hold the container over a bin. Slide down the latch on the handle to release the contents.

Lift the lid off the container and pull out the filter.

Step on the release button on the back of the vacuum to lay it flat.

Slide the latch on the ball and open the cover. Pull out the filter inside.

Stand the vacuum back up. It will click back into place.

Slide the small latch on the back of the vacuum near the hose. Pull the hose off the vacuum cleaner.

Take off any attachments on the back of the Dyson.

Roll over the Dyson so you can see the brushes on the underside of the suction head.

Slide the small latch where the suction head meets the body of the vacuum. Pull the suction head off.

Slide a finger beneath the lever marked with a padlock and pull it around 180 degrees.

Pull off the cover on the side of the vacuum head and slide out the brush roll.

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