How to Change the Glow Plugs on a BMW 318

Updated July 19, 2017

The BMW 318, also called a BMW 318d, is a diesel engine vehicle which requires glow plugs. Just like any other part of an engine, the glow plugs can go bad, malfunction, break or just get old. Fortunately, with a little know how and the right tools, you can easily remove and install new glow plugs in your BMW 318d. This will give you valuable experience with your engine and also save you money by giving you an alternative to going to a mechanic.

Open the bonnet of your BMW 318d and secure it with the hood latch.

Examine the engine. You will see that in the 318d there is an additional engine cover. This is here to help protect the engine from debris and liquid.

Place a 16mm socket over the first bolt you would like to remove.

Turn your wrench in a counter-clockwise motion until the bolt comes off.

Repeat these steps for the remaining 3 bolts in each corner of the engine cover.

Pull the engine cover up and out of the engine.

Set the engine cover upside down so that the part which comes into contact with the engine does not come into contact with the ground or any dirt.

Locate your glow plugs. In most 318d models, the glow plugs will be located on both sides of the engine. They are the shape and size of half of a pencil.

Place your socket wrench over the first glow plug you would like to remove.

Turn your socket wrench in a counter-clockwise motion in order to loosen and remove the glow plug.

Insert your new glow plug into the empty glow plug channel.

Tighten the glow plug with your socket wrench. Use a clockwise motion this time.

Repeat these steps for the remaining glow plugs.

Replace the connection wire.

Replace the engine cover.

Things You'll Need

  • New glow plugs
  • Deep socket wrench set
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