How to Reprogram a Jeep Key Fob?

Written by matthew fortuna | 13/05/2017
How to Reprogram a Jeep Key Fob?
Keyless entry remotes can be equipped to most Jeep vehicles. (keyless remote image by Ray Kasprzak from

Key fobs can be used to open door locks so you don't have to fumble in a dark car park or street, pop your boot with your arms full or sound a panic alarm. You can program or reprogram the keyless entry remote in your Jeep in just minutes using a simple process that will allow you to use the remotes right away.

Sit in your car with your remote and key and press the "Lock" button five times, waiting 2 seconds between each press.

Put the key in the Jeep's ignition and turn it to "Run." The car will start chiming. Wait until the chimes stop to proceed to the next step.

Press and hold the "Unlock" button on the remote, and then press the "Panic" button while holding the "Unlock" butto. Hold both of these buttons for 1 second and then release them at the same time.

Wait for the chimes to sound again and press and release the unlock and lock buttons on your remote.

Press and release just the unlock button and wait for a chime to sound to indicate the programming is successful.

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