How to Word Memorial Plaques

Updated March 23, 2017

A memorial plaque for someone who has died is a lasting tribute that celebrates their life. Usually etched in stone or metal, these plaques are timeless, which makes getting the wording right essential. A fitting memorial plaque tribute combines basic information with a short and meaningful block of text that sums up the individual being commemorated, all while using language that is appropriately respectful to the individual.

Lead with reverent phrases such as "In Loving Memory Of" or "Dedicated to the Memory Of."

Follow the initial phrase with the person's full name and nickname, if they had one.

Write the person's lifespan next, either with the years of their birth and death, or the full date and year or their birth and death.

Decide upon a personal message to follow. Convene with friends and family and choose a quote, mantra or unique fact about the person that would be a fitting tribute to the way he or she lived life. A finished example may read: "In Loving Memory of Bill "Boggy" Smith. 1954 to 2000. 'Gone But Not Forgotten.'"

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