How to Repair Dell E196FP LCD Monitors

Common problems with Dell E196FP flat panel (LCD) monitors include blank pictures, blurry pictures and missing pixels. Computer screens may also show an onscreen display (OSD) message similar to "Cannot Display This Video Mode, Optimum resolution 1280 x 1024 60HZ." Alternately, the floating "Dell Self-Test Feature Check" (STFC) dialogue may appear. When this happens, the signal range for both horizontal and vertical frequencies are out of sync with the computer. Begin troubleshooting by performing a self-check. After that, you will know if your monitor is functional and just requires minor adjustments or if it should be professionally serviced.

Replace your video cable if the "Dell Self-Test Feature Check" (STFC) dialogue box appears during normal operation.

Turn off your computer and monitor to run the self-check. (Note: LEDs will remain green throughout the check.)

Remove the blue connector cables from the computer and then unplug the video cable.

Turn on the Dell E196FP monitor. Either the "Red," "Green," "Blue" or "White" dialogue box will scroll on the screen during the test.

Turn off the monitor after the test has finished.

Reconnect the video cable and blue connector cables to your computer.

Turn on your computer and monitor, and if it displays a blank screen, the monitor is functional. The self-check will also reset your monitor, and this usually solves many display issues. If the dialogue box appears, click on the Dell Support link in References and look under "Common Problems" for relevant symptoms and possible solutions.


Check the stability of your computer's operating system and video controller if the monitor does not display a blank screen after you performed the check. You can press the "Auto-Adjust" button to the left of the power button with the LED indicator to solve a blurry picture display. Visit the Dell website periodically and check for driver updates for your Dell E196FP monitor.


Do not try to repair your monitor if smoke or sparks appear. Discontinue use and then replace it as soon as possible.

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