Upper dentures won't stay up

Updated July 19, 2017

Dentures are valuable to those without teeth but they can be difficult to keep in place. There is a technique to holding upper dentures in place.

Clean and dry your dentures.

Apply denture adhesive to the back of the upper plate. If you use powdered adhesive, sprinkle it on and shake off excess. If you use adhesive cream, squeeze a line of cream onto the middle of the plate and add small dots 2cm. from the teeth.

Line up the plate with the pits of your teeth. If your dentures have metal copings, slide the plate onto the copings.

Press the plate onto your gums. Use both hands to apply even pressure. Hold for a minute.

Open your mouth. Move your head from side to side. If the dentures shake, press them again for a minute.


If dentures continue to fall, see your dentist. Gums shrink and your plate may have to be adjusted.

Things You'll Need

  • Denture adhesive
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