How to Write a Letter of Intent to Terminate Childcare

Updated February 21, 2017

As a childcare provider, you have certain rules and regulations both the parents and the children must follow. Parents usually sign a contract with you that includes your right to terminate childcare in the event that payments are late, rules are broken or the child is not adjusting to the childcare environment. Regardless of your decision to terminate childcare, you must provide the parents with written notice beforehand, otherwise it could violate your contract with them.

Address the letter to the parents by name. For example, Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

Note the child's name and the effective date of the termination in the first sentence, stating:

Effective on January 2, 2011, we will no longer be able to provide care for your child, William Jones.

Explain the reason you are terminating your services, for example:

We are terminating our services because we have not received payment from you for three weeks, and according to our contract with you, two weeks' missed payment is cause for dismissal.

Note the date the notice was given to the parents below the reason, and express that you gave them notice in order for them to find another childcare provider.

Sign the letter "Sincerely," followed by your full name.

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