DIY Paper Blinds

Updated February 21, 2017

Paper blinds provide privacy and filter incoming light from a window. Inexpensive paper blinds offer a simple permanent or temporary solution to window coverage. Some homeowners use paper blinds as a temporary solution while custom window treatments are on order. A quality homemade paper blind can last for many years. A well made paper blind accents the other room decor. You can make and install long-lasting paper blinds with a few easily found materials and tools.

Measure the height and width of the window opening. Double the height measurement and subtract 1 inch from the width. Record the new figures as the dimensions of the paper blind.

Mark the paper blind dimensions on a large sheet of parchment, rice or butcher paper. Hold the L-square at the edge of each corner to mark them as square as possible. Cut the paper shade out along the marked dimensions.

Align the L-square with the long vertical side of the paper shade. Make a small dot at the edge of the paper for every inch of its length. Repeat this procedure down the centre vertically and along the opposite vertical edge for three sets of parallel dots down the length of the blind.

Fold the bottom edge of the blind downward so all three of the dots line up on the folded edge. Crease the folded section with the edge of the L-square.

Alternate the direction of the fold, accordion style, for every inch until you reach the top of the paper sheet. Crease each fold carefully so all three dots line up. Compact the entire shade into a folded 1-inch strip.

Cover the top folded section on the paper blind with double-sided tape or a self-adhesive hook and loop fastener strip. Press the covered edged of the blind to the top of the window sill to secure its entire length. Gently lower the paper blind until the end is resting on the base of the window sill.

Tape or fasten the base of the blind to the base of the window sill. Alternately, you can weigh the bottom edge of the paper blind down with a small heavy object like a paperweight.


Drill a hole from top to bottom through both edges of the folded paper blind. Run a cord through both holes and secure them with a button at the top. After the paper blind is installed, you can adjust and secure it in position by sliding a paper clip onto the cords just below the chosen position.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Parchment paper, rice paper or butcher paper
  • L-square ruler
  • Sharp pencil
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape or self-adhesive hook and loop fastener strips
  • Small heavy object (optional)
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