How to Mount an Electric Hand Drill

There are many reasons to mount an electric hand drill in place. Sometimes, it is simply easier to keep the drill mounted in place and pull the object you are drilling up to it. This allows for more consistent drilling and can make it easier to drill the right location using guides. Other times it is useful to mount a drill to drive a wheel-driven tool, such as a buffing wheel.

Prepare your mounting surface for the drill mount. The important things to check are that you have room to mount the drill in place and still use it for your purpose. Check the drill clearance and the area to each side of the drill. Most work benches make it easy to do tasks such as this.

Determine how your drill will need to be positioned. It might be beneficial to mount the drill upside down or sideways, depending on the clearance around it. Ensure there is room for your hand to operate the drill once mounted.

Attach a hose clamp tightly around the drill. This will be how you mount the drill to your work bench. Using a hose clamp allows you to mount the drill without modifying its body or handle.

Bolt the hose clamp to your work bench. If necessary, use small wood blocks or another riser to allow the drill to rest firmly in place. If there is a lot of tension on the object you are drilling, it will want to kick out of place. The small wood blocks help keep it in place and prevent it from slamming back down onto the work bench.


If there is a chance that your drill can kick when in use, pad its surface using a rag to help prevent damage.


Always wear appropriate safety gear when working with power tools.

Things You'll Need

  • Hose clamp
  • Screwdriver
  • Bolts
  • Wood blocks
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