How to Reset a BIOS Password in a Fujitsu Lifebook T Series

To help protect your Fujitsu Lifebook T Series computer, set a Basic Input Output System, or BIOS, password. This prevents users from entering the BIOS and in some cases, even boots the computer without the correct password. If you no longer want a password or need a different password, reset the BIOS password on your Fujitsu Lifebook T Series computer. All types of BIOS passwords can be reset, such as the supervisor, user and boot passwords.

Restart your Fujitsu Lifebook T Series computer.

Press "F2" as soon as the computer starts booting. Enter your current BIOS password if prompted.

Use your right arrow key to select the "Security" menu.

Use your down arrow key to select the password you want to reset.

Press "Enter" to select the password.

Enter the current password when prompted.

Enter your new password or a blank password if you want to clear the password. A blank password resets the BIOS password completely, meaning you do not have to enter a password to enter the BIOS or boot your computer.

Press "Enter" to save your password settings. Repeat the process if you have multiple passwords set.

Press "F10" to save all settings and exit the BIOS.


You must know your current password to reset the BIOS password. If you forget the password, neither you nor Fujitsu can reset it without losing information or replacing your motherboard. Do not set a password if you cannot remember it.

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