How to Purchase Cigars at Wholesale

Updated March 23, 2017

Smoking a fine cigar paired with a glass of scotch or bourbon is a relaxing way to finish your day. Cigars are also great to take out on the golf course or to smoke on a park bench in the afternoon. Cigar smoking can be an expensive leisure activity, however, with cigars ranging from less than 60p per cigar to as much as £487 each. Cigar aficionados can take advantage of lower prices by purchasing cigars by the box from online cigar wholesalers.

Pick a cigar that you wish to purchase. The cigar that you choose depends on your flavour preference, price range and how long you typically smoke your cigars.

Locate cigar wholesale companies on the Internet. Common wholesale distributors are Thompson Cigar, and (See Resources.)

Compare prices among the distributors. Wholesale distributors usually sell cigars by the box. Some offer sampler packages in smaller quantities. Compare the box prices of the cigar of your choice and the shipping prices.

Order the cigars. Create an account with the wholesale cigar distributor using its website. Add the cigars to your "cart," provide your billing information and complete your purchase.

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