How to Program a Toyota Smart Key

Written by tiffany raiford | 13/05/2017
How to Program a Toyota Smart Key
Program your new Toyota Smart Key yourself. (Car key image by Corneliu C from

Toyota is one automobile manufacturer that uses the Smart Key. Smart Keys allow you to control your door locks and turn on your vehicle without using your keys. As long as the Smart Key is on your person somewhere, such as your handbag, pocket or briefcase, you can control your locks and start your car using the push button on the driver's door and the push-start ignition button. When you obtain a new or replacement Smart Key or you change the battery in your Smart Key, the key needs programming to connect it to your Toyota's interior computer so the key works properly.

Shut all of the doors and the windows of your Toyota vehicle and lock the driver's door using your key.

Unlock your driver's side door with your Toyota car key.

Place your new Toyota key into the ignition of your car without turning the key toward the "On" position. Wait for the security light on your dashboard panel to begin flashing and wait 15 seconds before removing your key from the ignition. Repeat this step if you are programming more than one key to your Toyota.

Press down and release the brake pedal of your Toyota five times. This alerts your vehicle that you are done programming your car's new Smart Keys.

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