Britax Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

Britax, a leading company in children's safety products, has been producing strollers and car seats for more than 70 years. They are known for their safety innovations, and are a well trusted company by many parents. To ensure your child is safe, correct instalment and use of your product is important. Britax offers up-to-date information on recalled items, as well as installation and instruction videos and guides.

Find your Britax product manufacture date. This is located on your product's serial label. Knowing the date is important, because it will correspond with the correct user guide.

Find the name of your product. The name will be on the stroller or car seat. For example, your car seat may be called a Marathon 70 or a Marathon Classic. Britax offers many types of seats and strollers, so knowing the name of yours will help you locate the correct guide.

Go to the Britax website and look up your product, which corresponds with the correct user guide. If your product is older and is no longer produced by Britax, you can check out the retired products page to find the guide to your product.

If after looking through both the current and retired Britax model's guides you haven't had luck finding a guide that matches your Britax product, call Britax customer service at 1-888-427-4829.

If your product is from Canada, Britax has a website specific to Canada that offers guides to products specifically sold in Canada. The link to the Canadian site for Britax instructions is located on the U.S. user guide web page.


Check the Britax site for any recalled items or parts. Check the guide to make sure all parts are present and in good condition. Often an extra part may be ordered if missing.


A car seat should never be reused after an accident.

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