How to Become Legally Ordained Free

Updated March 23, 2017

Ministerial services make becoming legally ordained for free a simple process. Apply online for your ordination papers. With multiple websites offering free ordination, anyone with a ministerial calling can achieve his goal with ease. The Universal Life Church (ULC), Universal Ministries and Spiritual Humanism, among other services, provide free, legal ordination.

Read the ordination website's mission and philosophy. Select a virtual church that has a vision that aligns with your own. The Universal Life Church, for example, heads its pages with "We are all children of the same universe." Universal Ministries provides an in-depth statement of faith, which includes beliefs such as the right of all ministries to operate without prejudice. The Spiritual Humanism site asserts "We can solve the problems of society using a religion based on reason."

Provide your legal identification and contact information via an online form. The site will want your name, home address, e-mail address and phone number. You may be asked to write a brief statement about your desire for ordination. If you present any identity other than your own, you are committing fraud.

Submit your application online and wait for the church's response. Response times vary, but you should receive a reply within a few days. The church will notify you by e-mail of your ordination acceptance.

Read everything that the church offers about being an ordained minister. While ordination is free, you may want to purchase books about conducting your private ministry and certificates for weddings, baptisms and funerals.

Check with your county clerk for your state's rules for ministers. If you need to apply for state certification, the clerk can help you get the right forms.

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