How to Make Your Titan Quest Skins Online

Updated July 20, 2017

In the action role-playing game Titan Quest, you play as a hero who must adventure across ancient worlds of lore, fighting mythological creatures and the wrath of the gods. Before you start your career as a hero, you can choose only your hero's name and sex. The only way to modify the actual appearance of your character is through the use of mods and skins --- custom textures that replace the default files in your game directory. After you've made your own skins, sharing them with the rest of the community is only a few clicks away.

Download the Texture Viewer (see Resources) so that you can open Titan Quest's TEX texture files and convert them to editable image files. Remove the contents of Texture Viewer's archive into your THQ\Titan Quest\ directory.

Locate the TEX texture file you wish to edit. Textures are contained in your THQ\Titan Quest\Database\Creatures\pc\ or THQ\Titan Quest Immortal Throne\Database\Creatures\pc\ folder. If you installed your game through Steam, these folders will be found in your Steam\steamapps\common\titan quest directory.

Copy the TEX file from the directory to the folder where you placed the Texture Viewer application. Rename it something simple, like "femaleskin1.tex."

Click on the "Start" menu and type "cmd" into the "Start Search" box to open the DOS command prompt. Enter the command "cd C:\Program Files\THQ\Titan Quest Immortal Throne" --- your directory may differ depending on where you installed the game --- to reach your Titan Quest directory. Enter the command "TextureViewer.exe femaleskin1.tex femaleskin1.psd." This will run the TextureViewer application and convert the TEX file you selected earlier into an uncompressed PSD, which you can edit in your image editing software of choice. You can also convert TEX files into JPEG and TGA formats.

Open the command line again, navigate back to your Titan Quest directory and enter the command "TextureCompiler.exe femaleskin1.psd femalepc01_lightblue.tex -format .tex." This will use the texture compiler application, included with the game, to convert your modified PSD file into a format usable by Titan Quest and its expansion pack, Immortal Throne. The colour you chose in the TEX file name corresponds to the dye you must purchase and consume to access your skin in-game. Place your compiled TEX file back into the directory where you found the original, unmodified TEX file.

Find any dye vendor --- these are vendors that sell potions to change the colour of your tunic --- in the game world and purchase the appropriate dye. If your modified texture file is called femalepc01_lightblue.tex, for example, you want to consume light blue dye. After consuming the dye item, your character's skin will turn into the custom skin you created.

Create a ZIP or RAR archive of the TEX files you modified using compression software like WinRAR, WinZIP or 7 Zip. Upload your archive to any Titan Quest or modding forum for other skinning enthusiasts to see and use.


Create backup copies of any files you edit. An easy way to identify original file copies from modified ones are to add the suffix "_orig"+ to the end of the original file's name.

Things You'll Need

  • Texture Viewer
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