How to Make a Small Carport Out of PVC Pipe

Updated April 12, 2017

Building a carport doesn't have to be an expensive project. Lightweight PVC pipe can be used to create the frame for an easily movable, durable shelter to protect your vehicle. Heavy-duty plastic sheeting that's stapled or tied to the frame will protect your car in inclement weather. Car owners should take precaution, however, to firmly anchor the carport to the ground, so it doesn't blow away in a storm.

Dig a shallow trench approximately 3 inches deep around the perimeter of your planned carport. Cut the pipes to fit the perimeter and attach them using three-way connectors and PVC cement. Make sure the connectors have one end pointing up.

Connect the vertical sections of pipe to the base of the carport after trimming them to the desired height. Attach connectors to each of the four posts, then connect the upper horizontal pipes to create an enclosed cube or rectangle.

Make a small cut in each corner of the upper horizontal pipes and attach an additional three-way connector at each corner. Make a another small cut in the middle of these horizontal pipe sections to attach more three-way connectors.

Connect shorter lengths of pipe to the three-way connectors on the top section of the carport. Tie them together with two-way connectors. You'll want your roof to be at a steep angle to prevent water or snow from collecting on it.

Cover the roof and all but one end of the structure with heavy-duty plastic sheeting for vehicle access. Use a staple gun or strong twine to secure the sheeting to the frame of the carport. Tuck the sheeting under the bottom of the carport and secure it with a staple gun or twine. Use garden stakes to anchor the bottom PVC pipe sections of the carport to the ground. Fill the trench with dirt when done.


Consider searching online for designs and parts to make your project go faster.

Things You'll Need

  • 16 PVC pipes, 10 feet long and 1/2-inch diameter
  • 16 PVC three-way connector pipes
  • Three PVC two-way connector pipes
  • A pipe cutter
  • PVC cement
  • 10 heavy-duty garden stakes
  • 300 square feet of heavy-duty plastic sheeting
  • Staple gun
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