How to Turn off Battery Recalibration on a Dell 1200

Updated February 21, 2017

The battery calibration functionality of a Dell 1200 is a procedure that involves draining your battery completely and then charging it back up again. By default, a setting that aids in this battery recalibration process is enabled in your Dell computer's BIOS. Turning off this feature, which involves entering the BIOS set-up utility, will turn off the recalibration functionality of the laptop.

Turn on your Dell 1200 computer.

Press "F2" to enter the BIOS set-up menu.

Highlight "Advanced" using the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate the menu and press the "Enter" key to view the advanced BIOS settings for your Dell 1200.

Highlight "Battery Calibration" and press "Enter." From the list of options that appears, select "Disabled" to disable battery recalibration on your Dell 1200 computer.

Press the "ESC" key on your computer keyboard to return to the BIOS main menu. Then, press the "F10" key to select the "Save Changes and Exit" option. Your Dell 1200 will continue to boot and the changes you've made to the battery calibration settings will be in effect.

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