How to Call a New Zealand Mobile Number

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you are travelling overseas and want to call someone back home in New Zealand, or know someone there, it is of importance to know how to get through on the phone. Phoning a mobile phone in New Zealand requires knowing the international codes of that country and the country you are calling from. Once you have these numbers, you can easily get through to any New Zealand mobile phone number.

Look up the International Direct Dial (IDD) code for the country that you are calling from. If you are in the United States, for example, to dial a number outside of the country the IDD is 011. These three digits need to be prefixed to the number you are dialling.

Find the IDD for the country of New Zealand. It may be a two-digit number or a single digit. For example, the international code for the United States is 1, whereas the international code for New Zealand is 64.

Dial the international direct dial number for the United States, followed by the international code for New Zealand. After you have dialled these two codes, proceed with the mobile number you need to call in New Zealand.

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